Meet Kelly Ford

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Kelly Ford was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. Her love for this city and experiences traveling abroad have given her the perfect eye to make any party spectacular and memorable, yet comfortable and inviting.    

Kelly and her husband Jim both graduated from the University of Alabama, where she studied interior architecture and design. After four years in Tuscaloosa, they moved to Chongqing, China.  Here they studied Mandarin for four years and traveled all over the Eastern world including Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Macau, and Maylasia. From there they moved to Ithaca, NY where Jim attended The Johnson School at Cornell University while Kelly stayed home with their two kids – Naphtali and Bauer. Once school was complete, they headed down to Miami, Florida and enjoyed the culture and experiences this vivacious city had to offer. It was only after all of these moves and countless trips to Europe, Asia and New Zealand that she and her family returned to Greenville.



Growing up, Kelly was influenced by her mother’s gift of hospitality and her love for all the finer things in life. Whether it was photofor the yard crew coming over to cut the grass, one of her children and their friends returning home from college,  or for a Sweet Sixteen birthday party, her mom would pull out the crystal and china and have the kitchen transformed into a whimsical display of all of the treats you could imagine. There was always cheese spreads with Carr’s Table Water Crackers surrounded by strategically and perfectly placed grapes served on a silver platter.  Friends were always a bit bewildered that there was not a plastic cup nor a paper plate to be found in their kitchen.  Her mom believed that there was no need for plastic or paper anything when it came to entertaining guests!   Kelly’s mom made the experience of coming home finding these things whipped up made her children, friends, neighbors, yard men, and even the mail man feel as though they were the most important person to ever come through the door.  No one person was more valued than another.  She entertained everyone like she would have entertained the queen of England.  She was a successful pharmaceutical rep and a single mom with four children but no matter what was going on, if you knocked on the door, she stopped everything to serve whoever was in her home.


From all of these experiences Kelly developed a deep affection for hospitality, entertaining, and making people feel loved and celebrated. It was only natural that she began to channel her energy into party and event planning. As those who know her best will tell you, there is no idea  too big to execute, and no detail too small to implement. Kelly’s mind is a creative field for big ideas with incredibly detailed touches. She thrives on being the inspirational board and making fantasies come to life. Her ability to make these dreams come to life within the theme of a party is what guests always rave about when they come to her parties.


She looks forward to creating a party where your memories will last a lifetime, and where your guests will feel as celebrated and entertained as you do!

Written by Megan Ayers