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Have you ever tried to be the designer and creator of your own party….while also being the greeter, the caterer, the server, the entertainer, and the photographer?  If there is one thing that we’ve learned while doing all of these parties it’s this…  GET A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER!  For this last party we hired Lauren Miller Photography.  Visit her website here for more information .  We finally did it right this time!  She did a phenomenal job taking pictures of our Backyard BBQ.


I’m sure you don’t need me to point this out but this picture to the left is bright and balanced.  You notice the details because the colors are so intense and beautiful.  And here is my picture….







My picture is dull and dark.  You can’t see the details, sadly.  It’s a little bit boring as well.


Below is another comparison for you.  This was my attempt at an “artsy” shot …my cupcakes (please don’t laugh).  I was trying to get the details while giving it that dreamy look.  Obviously a fail.



Below is a picture where capturing the details in a professional photograph is done right. The way you get the object in the front of the picture and blur the details in the background out give it that whimsical feel that you would have felt if you were there in person.









And if you want to know the real reason why you should hire a photographer for your parties here it is….

LanganFord-40 LanganFord-41 LanganFord-42 - Copy LanganFord-43 LanganFord-44

Only a professional photographer could have captured these precious pictures of this little angel stealing a little ice cream out of her friend’s cup.

Have you ever seen a cuter face in your life?!  Such a little doll!








OK, so now you get the idea.  It’s not fun looking back on all of our parties seeing pictures that didn’t capture the memories, details, and colors the way we would have liked.   Instead of being the creator, designer, caterer, server, entertainer, and photographer of your events…lighten your load:  enlist the help of Langan & Ford Events and a top notch photographer to do your pictures!








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  1. I love the picture comparison. You sold me on the needed expense of a photographer, especially after all the detail and time you invest in a party. You want to have some one skilled to capture all those beautiful details and especially the timeless memories . Thank you!

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